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If you’re an aspiring copywriter you could handwrite famous sales letters all day… Or you could do what I did... to go from 6-dollar clients to 6+ figures in less than 14 months. My secret?

Tej Dosa’s copywriting course

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information diet

I use Ki Book Club to get copywriting inspiration, and to get 1% smarter every day.

You’ll become a better conversationalist, and a better thinker… in minutes.

mindset & performance

Gorilla Mind is a line of a legal, over the counter nootropics. It turbo-charges your performance and cognition. Usually I alternate short work blocks and breaks. But when I use Gorilla Mind Smooth... I can focus for 6-8 hours without getting bored of distracted.

Terminate is uniquely powerful. If there’s a better way to program your subconscious, I haven’t heard of it.

I use it daily. Twice when I need to crush the day.

Selfmastered is like an OS update for your personal performance. I've invested over $30,000 in coaches and this was the missing piece to take my productivity to the next level. You can watch my testimonial to discover what my experience was like.

health & fitness

PD Mangan is 65 and he's fit AF. I've personally been in the gym with him... and he kicked my ass. 20-Minute Home Fitness: The No Gym Alternative will work for you even if you have zero equipment. But despite the name, it works great for the gym, too. I get killer results in 35 minutes per week.

Sleep Like A Lion is a short, hyper-actionable sleep optmization guide. When you wake-up refreshed, it's 10 times easier to win the day. I picked up 4 or 5 ideas in this guide that I didn't find anywhere else. Be smart. Invest in your sleep so your waking life can be all it can be.

Twitter scheduling

Real talk, I spend more time on Twitter than I should. My best "defense mechanism" is Hypefury. I've tried every tweet scheduling app out there. Nothing beats Hypefury. And it gets better every week. You'll love the evergreen queue. And you won't be able to live without the automated thread feature.